The World’s Best Tasting Water Is In Greenwood, BC

I had driven through Greenwood, BC numerous times without knowing the fact that it was voted the world’s best tasting water. The town was always charming enough… at least in the daytime. When driving through at night you would be lucky to find the saloon open, if anything at all. This place seemed to be reserved for those who prefer a quiet existence. But then earlier this year my buddy told me a fact about here that surprisingly goes fairly unnoticed: Greenwood was voted by an international panel to have the world’s best tasting water.

The Best Tasting Water In The World?

That seemed like a subjective title if I had ever heard one. How can one decide that the taste of a tasteless substance is superior to everything else on the planet? I looked into it a bit more, and here is what I found out:

A CBC article explains the process. The Mayor submitted a sample to West Virginia for the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition. In the competition, judges decide among several criteria to determine a winner. This was 2012. Each year a new list of winners is decided. So unfortunately that title has been claimed by another source. Interestingly enough it was Clearbrook in Abbotsford, BC that holds the title. The two towns are seperated by only about a 3.5 hour drive. So it’s safe to say that the water in British Columbia is something special.

My Greenwood Experience

I had to try it myself. Right before Greenwood is the town of Grand Forks. I stopped at the local SuperStore to pick up a 5 gallon jug. If the Greenwood water is really the world’s best tasting water, I wanted to have more than a single serving’s worth. So I bought the bottle and headed 20 minutes down the road to try it out.

It’s funny how once you know a fact you see it multiple times. Just a trick of the brain to absorb only the relevant info to avoid being overwhelmed, I suppose. But as soon as we pulled over to look for a spot to fill the bottle, I noticed a banner claiming just what we are discussing: “World’s best Municipal Water”.

To properly test this claim I had to find the most unobtrusive source out there. And so I pulled over to the local soccer field that had some washrooms on the far side. And there I found it:



the world's best tasting water comes from a tap in Greenwood
About as unobtrusive as it gets

The Verdict

As silly as it may sound, this water was amazing. I could see why it won so many awards. I guess it wasn’t what I tasted that was amazing but rather what I didn’t taste. No metal or aftertaste. Just smooth, lovely, clean water. Maybe even the best tasting water i’ve found. It was so easy to drink. Even my girlfriend who normally can’t stand tap water was singing its praises. So there was certainly something in the water.

Next time you are passing through Highway 3 in southern British Columbia, make sure you pull over and try the water in Greenwood, BC. Let me know if you come to the same conclusions or not.