Top Apres-Ski Scenes on Earth

Originally published on GTF Outside

Top Apres-Ski Scenes on Earth

coverFor many, the art of the Apres (very appropriately transleted from french to “After” in English) scene is as important to the Ski Resort esperience as sliding down a mountain with a waxed plank or two beneath your feet.

It has been a staple of European ski culture as long as Jagermeister has been “curing” the annoying symptoms of frostbite.  There’s nothing like dancing in your ski boots to old anthems to perpetuate the stoke after a great day skiing or snowboarding.

Around the world, cultures may disagree on many things, but one thing that everyone can agree on is a few gluveins, or whatever you choose, at the end of the day.

Here are the best towns where it’s ok to boogie in your ski boots and one-piece until the early hours.  In fact, if you aren’t rocking your ski gear after a hard day on the slopes, you would be the odd one out.

Whistler – Whistler holds a lot of #1 records for North America, and while there is no official, objective ranking, our subjective viewpoint would be that it is also the top spot for Apres on earth.  With it’s custom-built pedestrian village at the bottom of two immensely large mountains, there are enough options to please any picky palette.  From the debonair to the dirtbag, there is an apres scene that fits every shape and style of patron.  Just keep an eye on the weather outside, as if the snow is coming down, you’ll want to check your watch – there’s nothing worse than looking outside to a glorious powder day, but can’t get out of bed because there’s a team of monkeys playing whack-a-mole on your skull.

1St. Anton – This old Austrian resort town pretty much has the unofficial title of best Apres-Ski in the Alps. With names like the Mooserwirt and Kangaruh, you know you are in for a good time.  Never mind the fact that these places serve up to 5,000 litres of beer a day in the winter.  In the springtime, it could very well be the best party on earth.

Jindabyne – This Australian ski town gets the nod because, like pretty much all other aspects of culture, the Aussies do skiing a little differently.  ”Jindy”, as it’s known, sits about 30 minutes from two ski resorts, Perisher and Thredbo.  The town is the main source of housing for the staff of these mountains, as well as the more frugal tourist set.  Just outside of Jindy is The Station, a development that is now host to some of Australia’s biggest all night indoor raves.  The skiing in Australia is, well, less than stellar, so they make up for the average conditions by partying like you don’t have to get up early.  Or for two days after either.  But the Aussies are good folk and make for a pretty interesting party.

2Bariloche – What more can you say about Bariloche other than it’s in Argentina?  Well, maybe the fact that it has some of the nicest terrain and snow in the southern hemisphere.  But I could go on about the wine, the steak, and the people.  Instead you should just experience it for yourself.  If you can get a good deal on a flight, you can ski there for much less than in North America or Europe.  And did I mention you’d be in Argentina?

Those are a few of our favorite spots.  Where else should get a nod?  Let us know!