Top 6 Bars in Whistler, BC

Originally Published on PacSafe Blog

In it’s 40 year history the town of Whistler, BC has gained a steady reputation as one of the world’s finest mountain resorts. During the day adventure seekers from across the globe flock to the hills for gravity-fed thrills, hopefully avoiding any dangerous spills. But another facet of what makes Whistler so popular is that when the mountains shut down for the day, things in the village heat up until the early hours of the morning.

We decided to feature 6 different spots for 6 different nights, allowing for at least one day of rest per week to give the ol’ body (and wallet) a bit of a break. Each place has it’s own character, giving something for all different tastes.

Sunday – The Crystal Lounge – Sunday nights at the Crystal are home to Whistler’s longest-running open mic night. With such a revolving door of people visiting the resort, you never know who will show up.  But be guaranteed to hear some talented musicians playing right in front of your eyes… maybe even you…?
Monday – Tommy Africas – It can be one of those nights where you might be ashamed to admit how much you love it.  But what is there not to love about new-wave cheese?  Prizes are given for best 80′s costume, and you can be sure the music will be totally bodacious.

Tuesday – Maxx Fish – While he didn’t invent the phrase “Really Good”, Resident DJ Mat the Alien has taken ownership of it and given his night the title of “Really Good Tuesdays”.  The modesty in that title is probably to keep the censors happy, because it’s real name should be “^%#*@$# Amazing Tuesdays”.   Mat is a beat wizard and scratch master, and seeing him in such a small venue is a real treat.  He is often accompanied by The Librarian, who is famous for starting the wildly popular BassCoast summer music festival. Other big name touring acts are also coming through guaranteeing a good time, all the time.

Wednesday – Buffalo Bills – Bills’ industry night is always a hit, but be sure to get there early.  After 9pm there’s a long lineup the rest of the night.

Thursday – Garfinkels – Thursday nights is all about Sk8 Nite at Garf’s.  Each week they bring in a miniramp and host various skate contests for cash, beer, and prizes.  I mean, where else can you skate in a bar without getting kicked out?

Friday – Garibaldi Lift Company – If you like to dance, the GLC is likely where you want to go.  Resident DJ Kori K always lays down incredible mixes, and throughout the winter brings big name acts from all over the world to grace our presence.