The West Side of Kauai

Written for West Side – Gateway to Kauai’s Natural Wonders When visiting Kauai, Every travel guide and friendly recommendation you come across will tell you that the top 3 can’t-miss things to do on the island are: 1. Na Pali Coast 2. Waimea Canyon drive 3.Polihale beach (especially for Sunset) To get to all of […]

Check These Walls Off Your Climbing List [Outside Magazine]

Originally published in Outside Magazine Check These Walls Off Your Climbing List You can’t truly understand the sport until you bag a few of the best routes around—and, surprise, they aren’t in your local gym By: Steve Andrews Apr 10, 2015 3SHARES Our picks cover climbers of all skill levels and types.    Photo: vernonwiley/iStock […]

Trip Report: Raratonga

Originally Published in the PacSafe Blog Sometimes while travelling you serendipitously find yourself at an unplanned destination that is part of the bigger picture.  This happened to me while travelling overseas to Australia.  I managed to find a great deal on Air New Zealand from LA to Sydney, with a stopover in Rarotonga. Raro-huh?  I said to myself.  I […]

6 Towns For Adrenaline Junkies to Live (And Earn) The Dream

6 TOWNS FOR ADRENALINE JUNKIES TO LIVE (AND EARN) THE DREAM ADVENTURE TRAVEL//CAMP//EXPLORE//HIKE//MOUNTAIN BIKE//OUT THERE It’s one thing to live the dream—one can do that quite eas­ily with the proper line of credit. Earn­ing and sustain­ing the dream is a much dif­fer­ent beast to tackle. But many peo­ple do it year after year with excel­lent success. A […]

Archie Kalepa: Master Waterman and Messenger In the past few years, the use of the word “water­man” has become a pop­u­lar way to describe some­one with a cer­tain mas­tery of the ocean.  Using a vari­ety of tools, they inter­act with the water in a way that leaves most peo­ple in awe. They have an uncanny abil­ity to read the signs of […]

“Convince Candidates of Real Change” – Whistler Question, Nov 11, 2014

Here’s the final column I produced for the Whistler Question newspaper for the 2014 Election.  It was fun to produce these – I had some feedback that was both constructive and demeaning –  I guess I’m doing something right. ********** As the final week of campaigning wraps up, there will undoubtedly be a push by […]

The Kalalau Valley: Welcome Home (Olukai Blog)

October 3, 2014 THE KALALAU VALLEY: WELCOME HOME The initial descent into Kalalau Valley looks as though you are on another planet.  The trail snakes down rolling red rocks, weathered by millions of years of erosion from the various elements present here. Wind, rain, salt water, steepness, and time all play a factor here, not […]