Dan Carr: Self-Made Outdoor Photographer

Originally published on theclymb.com For many pho­tog­ra­phers, the jump from ama­teur to pro­fes­sional can seem like a daunt­ing task.  In the action sports realm, that game can be even trick­ier with the fact that there are many tal­ented peo­ple vying for a rel­a­tively small amount of com­mer­cial work (in the grand scheme of things). There […]

Sochi Spirit: Whistler’s Snowboard Olympians [Whistler Traveller]

Originally Published in Whistler Traveller Magazine Whistler’s Snowboard Athletes BY STEVE ANDREWS In February and March of 2010, Whistler hosted the biggest celebration of the town’s history when it welcomed the world for the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. The entire village was packed with tens of thousands of athletes and spectators witnessing the pinnacle of […]

The Ski Town Hustle: How to Get Paid in a Ski Town Without a Job

Originally Published in GTF Outside There is a catch-22 to living in a ski town.  Pretty much everything that you want to do in winter costs money.  And very few people actually make money simply by skiing or snowboarding.  There usually is a catch if they do:  shuttling around whining kids and snow-plowing beginners.  Pushing buttons on […]