6 Towns For Adrenaline Junkies to Live (And Earn) The Dream

6 TOWNS FOR ADRENALINE JUNKIES TO LIVE (AND EARN) THE DREAM ADVENTURE TRAVEL//CAMP//EXPLORE//HIKE//MOUNTAIN BIKE//OUT THERE It’s one thing to live the dream—one can do that quite eas­ily with the proper line of credit. Earn­ing and sustain­ing the dream is a much dif­fer­ent beast to tackle. But many peo­ple do it year after year with excel­lent success. A […]

Archie Kalepa: Master Waterman and Messenger

http://www.theclymb.com/stories/interviews/archie-kalepa-master-waterman-messenger/ In the past few years, the use of the word “water­man” has become a pop­u­lar way to describe some­one with a cer­tain mas­tery of the ocean.  Using a vari­ety of tools, they inter­act with the water in a way that leaves most peo­ple in awe. They have an uncanny abil­ity to read the signs of […]

Crankworx: 10 Years of Evolution

Cana­dian Open Down­hill by Steve Andrews Surf­ing has the Triple Crown. Snow­board­ing has the US Open. But the mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary nature of Moun­tain bik­ing made it quite the effort to get all the dif­fer­ent sects of the sport into one place at one time. Thanks to indus­try vision­ary, Skip Tay­lor, that was made possible. See, ten years ago, Moun­tain […]

Interview with Richie Porta: ASP Head Judge

Pro­fes­sional surf­ing is a com­plex organ­ism that takes the efforts of many. While fans are inclined to root for their favorite per­son­al­ity in the water, many fail to rec­og­nize the tal­ent on the beach. Though it may sound like fun, judg­ing a big surf­ing com­pe­ti­tion is a thank­less job that doesn’t pay very well, requires months […]

Interview With Kimi Werner: Champion Spearfisher, Artist, Traveller

As far as job descrip­tions go, Hawaii’s Kimi Werner has one that pretty much any­one on the planet would envy.  She trav­els the world explor­ing the deep ocean using no more than her fins and a spear­gun as tools. When she gets back home, she trades the spear­gun for a paint­brush, cre­at­ing daz­zling paint­ings inspired […]

How The World’s Best Prepare for the Billabong Pipe Masters

Call it the “Super­bowl of Surf­ing,” for two weeks in Decem­ber, the entire surf­ing world con­verges on Oahu’s north shore to wit­ness the biggest show in the water: The Bill­abong Pipe Masters. The Bill­abong Pipe Mas­ters is the final stop on the ASP world tour which deter­mines who holds the title of World Cham­pion. Win­ning at […]