A few years ago I had an opportunity to interview one of Snowboarding’s most legendary characters: Mike Basich.

Mike set the bar for “living the dream” long ago. While he’s no longer a contest regular, he still makes a living doing what he loves. Although based in Lake Tahoe, he travels the continent in his tiny home that allows him to chase storms wherever they may be. Not a bad lifestyle.

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“Icon” isn’t the right word, despite my inclination to do so. Mike Basich is in his own category. It’s hard to explain.  But he’s one of the most groundbreaking and creative snowboarders of the early days, who is still relevant today. Not only that but he pretty much pioneered the selfie revolution in a way that you can’t even explain these days. You’ll just have to watch it and let me know.

In this interview we discuss sponsorship, his self-portraits, and dealing with the corporate suits who hold the paychecks. There is much more to the interview as well, perhaps some day I’ll release the whole bit in its entirety. For now, enjoy what I posted on The Inertia under their interview series, “Headspace”:

For some good inspiration it would be wise to check out Mike’s book of snowboarding self-portraits, “The Frozen Chase”. It’s an incredible look over the past few decades, long before gopros made the selfie revolution a thing.  You can buy it by clicking on the image:

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