Reject Letter: The Film Specialist

Scripted Dotcom is a content agency that I occasionally write for. I applied to the “Film” specialist area and got rejected.

They asked for me to define my favorite genre. I chose the Western

[blockquote]But a western doesn’t necessarily have to require a cowboy on a horse.  Modern westerns can have the cowboy riding a motorcycle; just look at Captain America in “Easy Rider” or Jax Teller in “Sons of Anarchy”.  But the theme of the noble outlaw pervades.  This is not unique to Westerns but no other genre has perfected it so well.  By placing characters in an element that somewhat symbolizes our culture yet is different enough to not relate to the setting, we instead form a deeper bond with the characters and paradoxically connect with the Anti-Hero in a way that you never could in a contemporary setting.[/blockquote]