Radio Interview with Mountain FM on “Making Miki’s Magic”

Click Here for a link to the interview

This is always nice and heartwarming. I directed and produced a short film about the mountain bike trail built to honour the death of the late Mikayla Martin of Squamish, BC. In the short film I interview several people who were crucial to making the trail happen. Ted Tempany of Dream Wizards along with Alex Cairns and Christine Martin, Mikayla’s mom, were some of the interviewees.

But this little radio segment was myself as the interviewee, telling people about the film and how it came out as part of the Whistler Film Festival’s Sea to Sky Shorts Showcase.

Thanks to MountainFM in Squamish for the call and for keeping it online to help boost my website’s search engine visibility by letting me throw this post up with a few links! Haha that’s what it’s all about, right? But seriously, thanks guys, it’s great to be here as a director in the Sea to Sky region in BC making films I truly care about.