Pros and Cons of the Ski/Snowboard Date

The Ski/Snowboard Date: Pros and Cons

The Ski/Snowboard Date:  Pros and ConsIn the ski-resort lifestyle, love can be an elusive concept.  Severely skewed ratios of Y-chromosomes combined with inflated prices on pretty much anything means that the dating scene in ski towns can be a bit precarious. I am of course speaking from a male point of view; and I can assure you that the general consensus among the feminine persuasion will differ slightly from the viewpoint behind the ol’ twig and berries.  Nevertheless I will attempt to provide an objective analysis as to the benefits and drawbacks to a ski date.

1The Good:

The good is obvious: if all goes well, then you can live happily ever after in your mountain abode with someone that you love and cherish for the rest of your days.  But that is as much of a long shot as your intentions of the date being one simply to “solidify a friendship”.  But if some booty is the final destination of your expectations, then perhaps reaching your goal isn’t too far off the horizon.  Here are the benefits:

Judging Athletic Prowess: Agility, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility – all important traits in a partner for optimal bedroom compatibility.  They are also essential skills on the mountain.  So if you want to size up the physical compatibility of your potential mate before the big showtime, then the ski/snowboard date is a great option.

Ability to handle precarious situations: When you are on the hill, you play with many variables outside your control.  The weather, a sea of tourists, greasy $20 burger combos, and more all conspire to get in between you and your date.  How your potential partner reacts to these variables will be a big indicator of how well you two will handle curveballs in the relationship.  Being able to laugh at yourself while falling is a key component to knowing how you will handle the speedbumps in life.  So have some fun on the hill and don’t take it seriously!

2Endorphins and Dopamine: Swishing through powder and racing down the hill can give you an incredible natural high, the felling of being “stoked” which so many attest to experiencing.  There is actually a science behind it, as your brain releases chemicals that provide a euphoric feeling to all the senses.  Do you know what else releases similar chemicals?  Well yes, that, but also when you have a partner to join in!  Maybe, just maybe, the partner that you are on a date with right now!  So if you guys get excited by the same ski runs and shots of powder in your face, then it’s likely that you will share in similar euphoria when the “run” is a bed and you get shots of…. ok i’m going to cut that thought off right there. But you get the idea.


The Cons: Maintaining an objective analysis, we should also examine what is bad in the ski/snowboard date.  Here are a few that come to mind:

Uneven Ability Levels:  Usually the skill factor is on an uneven balance.  When one person is much better than the other, a lot of time is spent waiting.  On one hand it can be a good way to show that you are the patient, compassionate type, but on the other hand it’s boring.  Especially if the date falls on a powder day…

Worlds Colliding: As a man, we like to live compartmentalized lives.  We have our work box, our friends, box, and our female…box.  When one is open it’s usually the only one we deal with at a certain time.  If you are the type of person who skis or snowboards as an escape, it could be a bit strange to combine love on the hill with the testosterone-fueled pursuits of going fast and getting air.   Females reading this may think I’m full of it, but alas, I guess you’ll just have to trust my word.

Expensive: Lunchtime in the lodge is a great way to know a person better.  They are also a great way to run up a credit card bill.  It’s hard to tell if buying your date lunch will show off chivalry or stupidity as you pay $20 for a frozen burger patty and hydrogenated fries.

That’s enough to cover for now.  In the end it totally depends on the chemistry you have.  As an avid enjoyer of the outdoors, I see the value in the ski/snowboard date.  It’s a great way to find out if you share passions, and an even better way to find out their definition of “outdoorsy” and if it fits with yours.