[Press Release] Nicole Pacelli Repeats At Turtle Bay

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Turtle Bay Pro

Women’s SUP World Tour
North Shore, Oahu
12 February, 2014

Brazillian Nicole Pacelli lights up Turtle Bay for back-to-back titles

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 February, 2014 – Sunshine, good waves, and a deep field of the world’s finest female SUP surfers were on hand today as we entered the final day of the 2014 Turtle Bay Women’s Pro at Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

Light trade winds and an increasing swell created ideal conditions for the first event on the 2014 Stand Up World Tour.

18 women competed through four rounds of intensly competitive action, as the level of performance in the women’s fleet has gone through the roof here in 2014. In the end it was Brazillian Nicole Pacelli who won the final heat a full 5 points ahead of runner-up Candice Appleby to win back-to-back titles at Turtle Bay.

“I’m so happy!”, said Pacelli after getting out of the water and realizing she had won the final.  “The waves are good, but I don’t know – sometimes a big set came and everyone was washed out.  So I’m happy to get two good waves! It was perfect.  I caught my best wave of the contest.  All the girls are ripping!”

With the important first win of the season underway, Pacelli has her sights set on the next stop of the Women’s Stand Up World Tour in her home country of Brazil.

On competing in front of a home crowd she says, “I think sometimes in my home country I have more pressure because I’m Brazillian and everybody is cheering for me when I’m in the water.  But it’s nice.  I like to surf there.  I think it’s going to be one of the best stops”.

The next stop on the 2014 Women’s Stand Up World Tour is the Brazil Pro Grand Slam, starting on March 29.

Next up for the Stand Up World Tour is the Sunset Beach Pro.  Conditions are looking good to get back underway with the contest on Wednesday, February 12. However, as always we will make the final call in the morning at 7AM HST. Stay tuned to the event page to find out and to tune into the webcast.

The top 4 finishers today:

Nicole Pacelli (Brazil)
Candice Appleby (USA)
Sophia Tiare Bartlow (USA)
Aline Adisaka (Brazil)



Sophia Tiare Bartlow – “The Warrior”

The sign of a true competitor is someone who can persist through adversity and still come through on top.  Today we saw that in Sophia Tiare Bartlow, who entered her first professional stand up paddle event.

In the semifinal heat, Sophia had a rough encounter with her board that smacked her in the face, cutting her lip open with blood gushing out.  The water patrol came to her rescue, but the heat was already winding down and she had her eyes firmly set on the final. So she stayed in the water and caught a couple key last-minute waves, which paid off with a victorious heat.

As an unsponsored surfer who overcame serious all odds to finish third in the event, it is safe to say that Sophia is a bona fide competitor and one to watch throughout the 2014 season.

Sunset Beach Pro

The men’s contest at world-famous Sunset Beach has two days of competition left.  Check back after 7AM HST to see if the contest is running.  The swell and wind forecast are looking good, so the conditions could be right for an epic day of competition.  Stay tuned to our event page for the morning call.