An Aerial Tour of British Columbia’s Sea to Sky Country

British Columbia has an amazing winter. It’s pretty much unbeatable as far as scenery and diversity goes. There is so much to see and do that you would never see it all in a season, and be hard pressed to see it all in a lifetime. From the deep fjords on the coast to the glaciated peaks above and the forests in between, it truly is a remarkable place that still has much more to discover than anyone realizes.

British Columbia’s Diverse Nature Zones

The Sea to Sky region has some of the most varied landscapes in a short drive. Between Horseshoe Bay and D’arcy (just north of Pemberton), you see the vivid changes in terrain and scenery. There is no better time to see this difference than in winter. The low lying elevations are lush, green rainforests full of life from the wet, dark days, and the upper elevations are  a snow covered dreamscape of alpine delight.

Besides scenery, the landscape is so much fun to explore, however you choose that to be. I use a snowmobile, mountain bike, touring skis, and the good ol’ one foot in front of another to make the explorations happen. Whether you are a hard core adventurist or someone who just wants a few scenics on Instagram, you will find the backdrop that suits your level of ability and adventure.

Let me know what you think!

I flew my drone a few times while out and about this winter, and put together a little clip for you all to see. The majority of these shots were taken between Squamish and Whistler, and points beyond. I would love some feedback. Feel free to share, and of course, if you want some aerial footage taken for your next project please let me know! Thanks for checking it out!