The Best Runs at Whistler Blackcomb

I grew up skiing Whistler Blackcomb. To say that I know and love the resort is an understatement where my actions speak louder than words, having carved a life here against the odds.

But I’m not one of those jaded locals. I’m a fan of visitors, as the visitors drive the resort. Sure it gets busy sometimes. It’s always getting more expensive. And a lot of the rules I don’t agree with. But through all the turmoil and hassle, the mountains don’t change. And they are two of the best mountains you’ll find anywhere.

So I thought I’d give you all a list of my favorite runs on Whistler and Blackcomb. This is of course one man’s opinion. But it’s an opinion shaped over 30+ years of skiing and snowboarding here, through good seasons and bad. So take it for what it is. So without further ado:

The Top 5 Runs On Whistler Blackcomb

5: Springboard

This run is best if you get onto the Blackcomb gondola first on a smallish pow day. With 10-15cm of new snow on top of groomed, you’ll feel like a champ all the way down. It’s fast and open, and will have you screaming all the way down, especially over the rollers where you can catch some fun airs if you time it right.

4: ZigZag

This is my favorite run in the Excelerator zone of Blackcomb. It’s good in powder or on fast groomer days.  I don’t always hit this side of the mountain, but it’s fun when the higher mountain isn’t open, plus it’s one of the only ways out late season that won’t destroy your skis or board.

3: Franz’s Run

Franz’s is a Whistler mountain classic. The run has so many natural features on the sides that you can fly off of, or when it’s groomed it’s insanely fast. It served as the women’s downhill course for the 2010 Olympics. And on a powder day you’re missing out if you don’t hit this run first. Definitely worth a hit if you’re on the creekside

2: Blackcomb Glacier

top of blackcomb glacier, whistler, bc
The top of Blackcomb glacier, a 1 minute hike from the showcase Tbar

Sure it’s not the steepest run, but it gives you the views that you came here for. It’s an experience all its own. The ski out is a bit long at the end, but well worth it. It’s like a little vacation from the resort, on the resort. And it will make you feel small. It’s a true big mountain experience that even intermediate skiers and snowboarders will be able to enjoy.

1: Peak to Creek

Just about 1% of Peak to Creek (source: Flickr)
Just about 1% of Peak to Creek (source: flickr)

I’m sure this run is at the top of a lot of lists, and it’s for good reason. It’s a whole mile (5,000+ feet) of vertical. And end to end I believe it clocks in somewhere around 11km. It’s so big that they have installed benches along the way to rest those weary thighs. As you descend you actually go through several different climate zones, from alpine tundra to temperate rainforest. On a powder day this is the one run to rule them all, and making it to the bottom is a badge of honor.

Summing it up

Whistler Blackcomb is huge. So huge that this small list only scratches the surface. But if you’re only here for a short time, these runs are definites that you won’t want to miss. I’ve got dozens of others too, and if you want a private tour I can arrange that, just get in touch! If I’m not in town I’ll hook you up with someone who would be happy to show you around. We are a friendly bunch and are eager to show you the goods, just ask!

See you out there, and welcome to Whistler!