So a little while ago I received an email on my contact page, proving that this whole internet experiment actually works! Not that it’s the first time it happened, but it’s still a great encouragement to keep on keepin’ on. Otherwise I’m just typing for the fun of it. Well, actually I do just do it for the fun but it gave me some hope that someday…maybe…it can be more.

Anyway, the email went like this:

Hi Steve,

I came across your article on Idaho hot springs to visit for the winter — As an Idaho native (Coeur d’Alene represent), I have to say you nailed it. Not many people know about the Trail Creek Hot Springs in Cascade! Since there’s no shortage of thermal pools in the Pacific Northwest, I thought you couldn’t miss this guide on finding the best natural hot springs in the Western U.S.

From California to Idaho, we’ve researched 71 natural hot springs off-the-beaten-path, to give you details like the number of pools, accessibility, and location — complete with the mapped out routes, so you can actually locate each spring!

Her name is Keilah. She’s probably a bit more attuned to the whole blog economy than me. And maybe I’m being a bit too honest because maybe she wouldn’t have gone through the effort had she known how stoked I was to receive such an email. But you gotta start somewhere right?

Of course.

So I said yes, I’ll post your email.

Then time went by. And I received another email:

Hi Steve,

Hope your week is going well. Just wanted to circle back and see if you needed anything else to share the guide.
Look forward to seeing it live!
Which I deciphered as, “WTF Steve, I gave you everything you needed, but you haven’t posted it yet… 🧐”
And fair enough. I dropped the ball. And I’m giving a little TMI. But you know what, the internet needs a little more real.
Bottom line is that she had some cool info to share and I was too busy making excuses to share. As if this whole blogging thing is hard. Spoiler alert: it’s not. You just have to do it.
So thanks Keilah! I’m about to share what you sent me. But not before I share a lesson in procrastination, or rather, the recognition of it. I procrastinated for no good reason other than I tried to prioritize my own shit. But you know what, I didn’t share anything on my blog between the time you contacted me and right now. That’s a fail on my part. But your email and my desire to keep this little site going has helped me kickstart a renewal in effort! So, thanks!

And now to the list of Natural Hot Springs in the Western USA:

The heading helps, apparently. For SEO and stuff. So if you googled anything remotely to the heading above^^ and got here as a result, please comment, because it will boost my enthusiasm for posting more. If that’s your thing.

hot springs USA natural, no pools
Some of the best hot springs in the USA

It’s kinda small but if you click on it you should be able to enlarge.

And if you want to see her original post, you can view it here:

In conclusion

So this post had a bit of information on great hot springs to hit up. It also was an insight into the sharing economy… information sharing, that is. Thanks Keilah for being an unwitting participant in this little experiment of content management. And also thanks for sharing your info in the first place. I hope that it brings some attention to what you have to offer, which is a hell of a lot more motivation than I’ve had. However your motivation has spurred more motivation in me! Which is a great accomplishment seeing as this is my first post in months. So thanks.

Anyone wanting to get a hold of Keilah, message me and I’ll see if she’s cool with it. Or maybe this post will be edited to include her contact info after her consent.

Until then, enjoy the beautiful graphic of the best hot springs in the western United States of America!