It took a long time to put a bio page together, because talking about myself is like pulling teeth.  Which gives me a couple reasons why I might have not made it as a politician – I don’t like talking about myself, and I was actually missing 2 front teeth.

But anyway, on to the nitty gritty, so to speak.  Why you are here.

The odds are that you are here because you either a) love my work and want to offer me more, or b) I approached you offering my services and you want to make sure I’m not completely full of it.

Either way, welcome!

I am not one to apply labels to anybody, but if you would like to attach one to me I would recommend “Storyteller”.  In today’s fast changing world, we all are having the chance to display our multitalented nature.  What I have discovered is that whether it’s through a pen, keyboard, lens, or by singing, I love to tell stories.  Stories that inspire people to take action, even if that action is a moment of reflection. I aim to breathe wind into people’s sails of fate, hopefully on a heading that brings joy and excitement.

I grew up moving around quite a bit, and have lived in over 10 cities for an extended period of time on this earth.  Living in such diverse areas has allowed me to sift through the cultural operating systems we are all programmed with and get to the core of what makes us human.  In my opinion, our common thread is the pursuit of happiness.  I like telling stories to help make people happier.  Or inspiring them to make the world better, which will ultimately lead to more happiness.

Hopefully that can help you understand a bit more about myself.  I will continue striving to produce better quality content each time I put my head down.  I feel lucky to have found something to be passionate about and I hope to do this for a long time to come.