Trip Report: Raratonga

Originally Published in the PacSafe Blog Sometimes while travelling you serendipitously find yourself at an unplanned destination that is part of the bigger picture.  This happened to me while travelling overseas to Australia.  I managed to find a great deal on Air New Zealand from LA to Sydney, with a stopover in Rarotonga. Raro-huh?  I said to myself.  I […]

A Different Kind of “Cruise Ship” in British Columbia

Originally Published in the PacSafe Blog In most people’s minds, the mention of taking a “cruise” will unfortunately conjure up an image of a megalithic super ship with ice rinks, buffet lines, and shopping, shopping, shopping!  But the word cruise does not pertain to the type of ship, but rather the method of travel without […]

6 Towns For Adrenaline Junkies to Live (And Earn) The Dream

6 TOWNS FOR ADRENALINE JUNKIES TO LIVE (AND EARN) THE DREAM ADVENTURE TRAVEL//CAMP//EXPLORE//HIKE//MOUNTAIN BIKE//OUT THERE It’s one thing to live the dream—one can do that quite eas­ily with the proper line of credit. Earn­ing and sustain­ing the dream is a much dif­fer­ent beast to tackle. But many peo­ple do it year after year with excel­lent success. A […]